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Ka'Deem Carey says he would have gone to Oregon if not for redshirt request

Former Arizona football running back Ka'Deem Carey said he would have committed to the Oregon Ducks if they had not told him to redshirt.

Before getting upset about Ka'Deem Carey being a bit honest and saying he'd had joined the Oregon Ducks, consider this.

He didn't.

There's no tinge of regret here, and it seems like Carey was only responding to a question and pointing out what he felt like was a slight by the Ducks. And you know what? Carey certainly seemed bitter toward Oregon when he finished off his Arizona regular season career with a 206-yard, four-touchdown performance in the upset over the fifth-ranked Ducks this past season.

Carey committed to Arizona, broke all of the records at his hometown college and spoke his mind. He might as well have said that former UA coach Mike Stoops did a good job of recruiting him.

By the way, now would be a good time -- since we haven't done so before -- to thank Stoops for bringing in a player that will go down as one of the best performers at Arizona in its history.

Oregon assistant AD for communications Andy McNamara also weighed in on the discussion that seemingly irked some Arizona fans on Twitter the wrong way.