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NFL Draft 2014: Three Pac-12 players selected in first round

No Ka'Deem as expected, but there were three familiar names taken during the first night of the NFL Draft

William Mancebo

The NFL Draft finally got underway Thursday night, and the main story of course was Johnny Manziel sliding down the board until the Cleveland Browns took him with the 22nd overall pick.

Two Pac-12 guys went higher than that, and the local Cardinals picked up the third P12 guy of the first round.  Here's a quick roundup:

Anthony Barr (UCLA Bruins): 9th overall to the Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings traded into the spot through a couple of trades, and landed what some people think is the best linebacker available this year.  I, for one, will always remember Barr as the overly-hyped guy who didn't even put up a single defensive stat against Arizona during Myles Jack's coming out party in Tucson in 2013.  But maybe that's just me.

Brandin Cooks (Oregon State Beavers): 20th overall to the New Orleans Saints

The Cardinals were also involved in this pick, as they traded out of it to pick up an extra third-round pick from the Saints.  Cooks is explosive, and who knows what kind of damage he'll be able to do with Drew Brees throwing him the ball.  A lot of guys are very high on the pick for the Saints.

Deone Bucannon (Washington State Cougars): 27th overall to Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals' secondary was already one of their strengths, so not sure how much playing time Bucannon will get right away.  But it's always fun when there are more Pac-12 players in an Arizona locker room.  RichRod was extremely high on Bucannon before Arizona took on the Cougs, saying "He's just fantastic."

LOL Bruce Arians