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Arizona football video board ranked 6th-best by ESPN

Yes, it is necessary that you can hook an X-Box up to the Arizona Stadium videoboard.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Texas, Texas A&M, Arkansas, USC and Miami are traditional college football powerhouses, and the Arizona Wildcats would be happy to be in their company in one way or another. They are, in fact, right with those schools when it comes to a big part of the gameday experience -- the stadiums videoboard.

ESPN ranks Arizona Stadiums newish scoreboard as the sixth-best in the nation.

6. Arizona: The video board inside Arizona Stadium is 5,264 square feet (112-by-47), but there's more to it than just the size. When it was constructed 2011, Arizona's administration decided to make it more than just a fan experience; they created a player and recruit experience. This bad boy not only introduces players and coaches in high quality, it also is Xbox compatible. Is it necessary to play video games on a screen with 1,728-by-720 resolution? Absolutely not, but it's awesome just the same.

Just behind Arizona in the videoboard rankings is athletic director Greg Byne's old stomping grounds, Mississippi State, followed by Oklahoma, Michigan State and Ohio State.