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Pac-12 football media day 2014: Rich Rodriguez's best quotes

We weren't at Pac-12 media day and don't know what questions were asked of Rich Rodriguez. But we found a transcript of his responses and ranked them accordingly.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

10. RichRod being honest

"I could be like every other coach in America and tell you how excited I am to be here, but that would be lying. Truth is I'd rather still be on vacation or meeting with my coaches."

9. Get hyped for Austin Hill

"He's actually taken the knee brace off for workouts now, which is a good thing. And the good thing about it is, he's going to have a lot of talent around him so he won't have to play as many plays as he did two years ago."

8. Not hot for parity

7. About that QB competition...

"And the truth is, even if I knew who the starter was, I wouldn't tell you all. Why would I tell you and tell our opponents? Not that it's a big deal. But this is the truth, I really don't know who not just number one is, but I don't know who number one, two, or three is. But there is some talent there. There are four or five guys that will get a lot of rest early. Then after the first two, two and a half weeks of camp, we'll pair it down to the two or three main guys. It may not be settled until after the first game or two.

6. RichRod on marketing

5. On NCAA amateurism

"We try to educate our guys on, there is going to be a day, probably a day pretty quickly, certainly in the next five or 10 years that you'll no longer be playing football, so you better think about what you're doing next and be prepared for that transition. But student-athlete welfare, there is more talk about it. But we don't need to be paying these guys. Now could we give them more of a stipend, a couple thousand dollars? Sure. Should we feed them every meal every day? Sure. I think that's all great. The life of a student-athlete will be better going forward, but it ain't that bad right now."

4. Remember when those coaches wanted to slow the game down?

"I call it a farce. That's just my opinion. No, but I can tell you, you can read long and hard, but if you think pace of play has anything to do with injuries, you drank the wrong poison."

3. Using great metaphors

"We've got a brand-new facility that's great, but everybody's got new stuff. Oregon changes it out like Porta-Potties. Like every four or five years like we need a new this, and they go do it. But it's a challenge to stay up with it."

2. Sarah Bullock is ...

"I don't know if you saw the latest video about doing everything fast. But our speed video with Sandra Bullock. Everybody asks me what's she like in real life, oh, she's a great gal. That was a great editing by our video staff. That's what that was."

1. On temperament

"I need to go back to being a prick then. I'm getting soft."