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UNLV vs. Arizona: Wildcats' three keys to victory

What does Arizona need to do to open the season with a win?

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Football! It's here! Finally!

And so is the return of Three Keys!

Last year, I went with places in the opposing team's city as the theme. This year, I'm thinking songs from a particular band from that city.

So without further ado, here are the three keys for the Arizona Wildcats to take down the UNLV Rebels, courtesy of The Killers!

1. I Feel it in My Bones

There will be nerves. There will be lots of nerves. Especially from a certain redshirt-freshman quarterback Anu Solomon, playing against his hometown team in his first college appearance, let alone start. He will feel it in his bones. But keeping calm and cool, like he has a reputation of doing, will be instrumental in his ability to find success.

2. Runaways

With those possible nerves, I would think a lot of rushing plays of all types are in the works. Adonis Smith will probably be pumped up facing his former team. Terris Jones-Grigsby will want to try and establish himself as the No. 1 running back. And DaVonte' Neal and Tyrell Johnson will be looking to showcase that great open-field speed on sweep plays and screens. Get those yards on the ground, not through the air.

3. Battle Born

There's no way to get ready for Pac-12 football other than playing real football that counts. As long as the guys go out there and give max effort, this shouldn't be a very stressful experience. Use this game and build towards the rest of the season.

Battle born also applies to the Arizona cornerbacks. They face some of the best receivers in the Pac-12 every day in practice. There is no better way to prepare for UNLV star wide receiver Devante Davis. The Wildcat secondary has been locked in a battle like that every day for a month now.