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Arizona football: Tra'Mayne Bondurant decides to return to Wildcats, has work to do

Arizona's top safety has decided to serve his punishment and return to the team.

A day after Rich Rodriguez said that Tra'Mayne Bondurant had left the program due to his unwillingness to complete consequences for a disciplinary action, Bondurant has changed his mind and will work his way back to the program.

By no means is Bondurant 100% back, as RichRod details in the video above. The senior safety spent Sunday night's practice walking the stairs of Sancet Stadium with a weight vest on.

"His status is he's walking the stairs."

"If I thought he was a turd, we would have flushed him out," Rodriguez stated.

The interesting part about this is that Bondurant didn't want to fulfill consequences, and after this mini soap opera, he will have even more that he has to do before returning to the field.

It had reached the point of the senior being removed from the team's official online roster Sunday morning, but right before Sunday evening's practice started and after a face-to-face meeting with coach Rodriguez, Bondurant magically reappeared.

There is also a personal apology on his private Facebook page which I am unable to see, but here is part of what he had to say.:

And so the world turns.