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Rich Rodriguez makes Arizona football listen to 'Barbie Girl'

RichRod's musical picks during practice are meant to annoy, not entertain.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

ESPN's Chantel Jennings set out to find just what types of music Pac-12 teams play during their practice sessions, and it wasn't surprising to hear that Arizona was one of many teams that essentially treats practice like a club. You know, you don't spend $120,000 on a sound system for nothing.

Music at practice became a practice under the Mike Stoops regime. We knew that Rich Rodriguez used the new sound system to pump in crowd noise and make his team work through a loud atmosphere, but we didn't know the absurdity of what was blasting through the speakers when it wasn't top-40 hits. Jennings dug in and found out.

Andrew Warsaw, Arizona's Operation's Coordinator, is in charge of the Wildcats' music. After the series of promotional videos Arizona has released, it should come as no surprise that the practice music is also a little bit off-the-wall sometimes.

"Depending on what coach [Rich Rodriguez] wants, we will play whatever," Warsaw said. "If he wants to us to play something annoying during a certain period of practice we will play a baby crying for five-straight minutes, or songs like Barbie Girl or The Macarena."

Jennings is also here to provide a song choice fitting for each Pac-12 team. Arizona got slapped with the Fast and Furious theme song. You know why.