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Power Ranking Nevada DE Brock Hekking's greatest attributes

Let us all bow down to the greatness of this man

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Nevada's Brock Hekking is like some sort of mythical beast that walks amongst us ordinary human folk and scoffs at the very existence of boredom and monotony.

There are so many great things about this man. Here is a power rankings list of his greatest attributes.

1. The Mullet

This is an obvious choice for the top spot. How can you not love this thing? It's so good that Nevada handed out blue mullets before last week's game. If you bash this thing of beauty, all of your hair will immediately fall out and you will sit in a dark room crying for the rest of eternity.

2. His Footwear

There is just so much win in this picture. I really hope he comes out of the locker room Saturday night with cowboy boots on. Playing football in boots is probably legal, right?

3. His golf cart

That's right, a college defensive end owns a golf cart. But it's MORE than just a golf cart, it's this:

LOLOLOL (h/t Lost Lettermen)

4. Mr. Fabulous

Apparently one of his high school teammates is now a professional wrestler, and coach Brian Polian thinks Hekking's wrestling name should be Mr. Fabulous.

5. Middle name

His full name is Broderick Adrianus Hekking. It's like his parents knew from the second he came out of the womb that he was going to look and act like a Greek God.

6. Hobbies

These are the things he does in his free time according to his official bio: Working out, wakeboarding, and snowboarding.

It's like this guy is straight out of a movie, but wait there's one more...

7. Major

GENERAL STUDIES. That is the only major I could have ever wanted him to have.