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Arizona football: Wildcats WR Samajie Grant suffers concussion vs. Nevada

One of Anu Solomon's favorite targets suffered a concussion Saturday night

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Amongst some of the concerning things exhibited by the Arizona Wildcats in their game against the Nevada Wolf Pack, sophomore wide receiver Samajie Grant apparently suffered a concussion early in the second quarter.

Grant went to head coach Rich Rodriguez to try and get back in the game, but he was not allowed back in the game.

"I was like, I had kinesiology in college, but I can't remember anything from it," Rodriguez joked after the game. "With my medical background, I'm not a doctor or trainer so I don't know what's wrong with him. He wanted to go back in but he's a tough guy and he seemed fine after the game."

Cayleb Jones also echoed those sentiments, saying that it must have been something serious for a tough guy like Samajie to not come back in the game.

At the weekly press conference on Monday, we got a little bit of an update, but it's still not clear if Grant will play this Saturday vs. Cal.

"He seemed fine to me," Rodriguez said of Samajie at Sunday's practice. "With his personality, he might be a little goofy all the time, I don't know. We'll hopefully have him. He's one of our better football players."

"As far as I can tell he feels normal," added Nate Phillips. "He hasn't really changed in my opinion. He's still running around being Samajie, so I think he's feeling great."

Samajie is currently second on the team behind Cayleb Jones in receptions (14), receiving yards (205) and TDs (1). So it's important for him to be out there with how well Anu Solomon has been able to find him in all three games so far.