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Cal vs. Arizona: Wildcats Cayleb Jones thankful for his second opportunity

This guy is something special at wide receiver

Christian Petersen

Maybe lost in all of the madness of the "Hill Mary" finish was the night that Cayleb Jones had for the Arizona Wildcats.

The Texas transfer finished the night with 13 catches for 186 yards, and scored three times, twice in the fourth quarter.

And the moment was certainly not lost on him.

"For me and Austin (Hill), we've both been through a lot," Jones said after the game. "To sit out last season and see how much we wanted to contribute. God's blessed me and so many other people. And I just wanted to thank Coach Rod for giving me the opportunity, because it's an incredible feeling."

It all almost didn't happen because of the offensive pass interference called on Jones right after Cal missed the field goal that would have wrapped up the game.

"I was so distraught after that because I thought I blew it," he said. "The coaches harp on not pushing off so many times in practice. Even Austin gets on me, and I really thought I blew it right there so thanks to (Hill), he saved my butt."

"Just a great game."

Yes, yes it was.

Cayleb's a redshirt sophomore, so he could technically declare for the NFL Draft after this season. Let's hope that doesn't' happen.