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Arizona vs. Oregon: Wildcats and Ducks have very similar numbers through four games

Evenly matched? Probably not, but the numbers are interesting

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas certainly doesn't think that this game is a very even matchup, having made Oregon a 25.5 point favorite when the betting lines opened.

But the stats put up through four games by the Oregon Ducks and Arizona Wildcats are surprisingly similar. While Oregon has definitely faced the toughest opponent of the two teams so far (Michigan State), the rest of the schedule is very similar, so these numbers aren't too out of control.

Here's a look at the per game numbers for the two teams:

Category Arizona Oregon
Total offense 593.8 555.3
Rushing offense 228 225.3
Passing offense 365.8 330
Scoring offense 42 48.5
Total defense 430.5 443.5
Rushing defense 135.3 128.3
Passing defense 295.3 315.3
Scoring defense 27.3 21.3
3rd down conversion % 40.3% 56.3%
4th down conversion % 77.8% 75%
3rd down % allowed 36.8% 43.8%
4th down % allowed 40% 40%
Red Zone offense 88.9% 85.7%
Red Zone defense 91.7% 76.5%
First downs 116 105
First downs allowed 92 97
Penalties/game 7 8
Penalty yards/game 62 63.5
Time of possession 28:28 24:27

Take whatever you will from that, but it's undeniable how similar the two teams have performed through four games.

For a more scientific breakdown of the numbers, check out Addicted To Quack's breakdown of the FEI and S+P numbers.