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Arizona vs. UTSA: Three keys to a Wildcats victory over the Roadrunners

San Antonio needs some new bands

Christian Petersen

My weekly look at the three keys for an Arizona Wildcats win is here on a Thursday, and is in desperate need of San Antonio to produce a big-time band.

Last week, it was a pretty straight-forward choice to go with The Killers for Las Vegas. When I came up with this band idea, I figured San Antonio would not be an issue (Pullman will be a problem, and probably Reno). You know, there had to be some epic bands that came from San Antonio since it is so close to Austin.

I thought, at the very least, Los Lonely Boys were from there. But alas, they are not. They are from San Angelo, Texas, which is just north of San Antonio.

So, Wikipedia gave me a whole bunch of nothing, and I ended up with the Butthole Surfers as the official band of this week's three keys. There may be some of you who love the Butthole Surfers for their music. I do not. Their name is intriguing, but anyways...

Here we go:

1. The O-Men

The offensive line's success will be ultra-important this week, as a lot of the praise for UTSA by Rich Rodriguez and the players is heaped upon the Roadrunner defensive line. Also, starting right guard Jacob Alsadek is listed as questionable with an ankle injury, so Lene Maiava will need to step it up a bit this week. Arizona will not be able to do anything with the ball if the offensive line can't hold its own against a well-coached defensive line.

2. Cowboy Bob

The last time Arizona played a game in the Alamodome, it did not go very well. The Oklahoma State Cowboys romped the Wildcats on their way to a 36-10 loss and began the road to Stoops' demise. While there are not a lot of players left from that team, Dan Pettinato is one of them. He said that game is not really in anyone's mind, but he's the one that brought it up when we were talking, so you tell me if there aren't at least a couple guys thinking about that Alamodome memory.

This will be similar. There will be lots of people wearing orange, and a lot of noise. Non-verbal communication will be so very important. And this will be a good road test before visiting some electric atmospheres in conference play.

3. Whirling Hall of Knives

With one of UTSA's new starters being the quarterback, their passing game does not look as developed as it could be. Look for Coker to call for a lot of running plays, challenging Arizona's front six to make some tackles. Whoever is at nose tackle (Jeff Worthy or Parker Zellers) and Scooby Wright will need to lay down the boom to keep UTSA out of the endzone. Also, creating negative plays on first and second downs will be vital, and also comes from the guys in the middle, as well as some outside linebackers making plays. UNLV failed on third down often because it was third-and-long. Need more of that this week.

These are other real names of songs by Butthole Surfers: The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave, The Revenge of Anus Presley, Sinister Crayon, I Saw an X-ray of a Girl Passing Gas, Eindhoven Chicken Masque, Debbie Gibson is Pregnant with my Two-headed Love Child just to name a few. You can find more ridiculousness from them here