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Arizona vs. UTSA final score: Wildcats actually win a game decided by field goals

Man it feels weird to win a game decided on field goals

Christian Petersen

That record-setting Arizona Wildcats offense that we saw in week one vs. UNLV wasn't exactly stellar against UTSA Thursday night, but an unfamiliar savior was there for the Cats.

The kicker.

It's been so many years since Nick Folk was at Arizona, and it's been all those years that special teams has cost Arizona crucial wins over and over again. And after the first field goal attempt last week, it looked like it would be more of the same.

But Casey Skowron is here to change that.

Since that first kick, Skowron has gone a perfect 7-of-7, and is averaging 35.5 yards on those field goals, including two of 44+ yards.

Arizona beat UTSA 26-23 thanks to a missed Roadrunner field goal early in the fourth quarter (Still not sure if he actually missed that or not, but ok). As Wildcats fans, we know all-to-well what that feeling is like. Now, we are on the other side. With a guy who played in one...ONE...high school football game in his career before getting to play this year, his redshirt junior season in college.

In a year where a redshirt freshman quarterback will be learning how to play in college on the fly, and a true freshman will likely be the main running back moving forward into Pac-12 play, different people are going to have to step up if Arizona wants to keep winning games. It's great to see that the Wildcats have a kicker who is able to be that guy who steps up and comes through in clutch situations.

There are some new things happening so far. Just embrace the newness and embrace a win, no matter how close it was against a program that has only been playing football for four years.