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Arizona football: Austin Hill offers insight into the state of the Wildcats after two games

Just some fun and interesting quotes from Austin Hill after Tuesday night's practice.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Wildcats wide receiver Austin Hill is off to a decent start this year, currently sitting fourth on the team in receptions (5) and third in yards (119) through two games.

He had some interesting things to say about himself and the team after Tuesday night's practice, so here are just a few of those quotes.

How do you build chemistry with a particular quarterback?

Hill: It just takes time. Just a lot of route running, a lot of completions during practice. A lot of just getting the consistency down and letting the quarterback know that you're going to be consistently catching the ball for him. I think those are really important things that just take time and we'll eventually get to where we're perfect and we have the consistency we want.

(With Anu Solomon) it's going great. Anu is really mature for how young he is and he's been playing really great. He's been maturing every single day. We have a lot of time, but he's progressing really well and I'm really proud of him for it. But there's nowhere but up for us.

How do you remember the New Mexico Bowl against Nevada two years ago?

It's probably the number one memory I've had. It was awesome. My friend Tyler Slavin was the one who caught the slant, so I was happy sharing that experience with him. On my second touchdown I just ran a little slant out and caught it and threw it to the ref. Didn't really celebrate much because I knew we had to get the ball back in order to win. After we got that onside kick it was crazy. I was glad we were able to pull it out and it was an awesome experience. But I'm trying to leave that all in the past and focus on the future.

Where's the biggest improvement been on offense the first two weeks?

I think the run game. The run game's crazy. I don't think anyone really expected our run game to be this good without Ka'Deem Carey. So that's probably one of the biggest things. Also there was a lot of doubt about the quarterback situation, and I think Anu made that statement relatively well that, hey, we do have a quarterback that can play and that will be good and that will mature as the years go on to become a great quarterback here. So that's probably the two biggest things that we've improved on.

What's the biggest thing for the receivers to improve upon?

I think just being more consistent with our route running and catching the ball for Anu. I think that's our next step as receivers, to really become that unit that is never letting anyone down and never making mistakes. To go out there and just ball out and play hard every single play.

Could you see early on that Nick Wilson would contribute the way he has?

I actually didn't. We were repping so many different running backs it was kind of hard to tell. It was just like the quarterback situation, it was kind of hard to tell. But Nick's really grown up, he really plays hard. He really does remind me of Ka'Deem in a way. Just kind of how he runs and things like that. He's an old body. But he's really improved and I'm really proud of him.

Do you feel 100 percent?

I would say it's kind of second-nature. I wouldn't really put a percent on myself anymore. I'm just trying to get better with the things I need to improve on and get that old kind of vibe back that I had two years ago. I'm working on it, but it's not quite there. But I'm really trying to come into my own again and get my groove down. But I wouldn't put a percent on myself.

Do you like slot or outside better?

However I get on the field it doesn't really matter to me. But if it had to come to a choice I would prefer the slot because I really like linebacker and safety matchups. I love going against linebackers and safeties. And being able to have a big body inside allows you to block the linebackers and cover downs a little better than the small receivers. I love slot, but I've been getting a lot of work in outside which doesn't really hurt me to get some outside work and be able to improve in that aspect of being a receiver because you need to be an all-around good receiver.