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Super Bowl Media Day Recap: Some of the best Rob Gronkowski quotes

This is Gronk in his natural habitat

Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl Media Day is a weird place with weird people asking weird questions to football players that have a kind of important game that week.

For a guy like New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, it is the place where you get hilarious Gronk quotes.

Here are some of the best from the former Arizona Wildcat per KVOA. Also, he read this excerpt from an erotica book series about him.

  • (on if he has any guarantees for the Super Bowl) "The game will be on Sunday."
  • (on what it was like with the alarm going off at the team hotel) "I didn't know that the alarm went off. I actually heard about that, but I didn't know the alarm went off. I was sleeping. I slept right through it. I slept great last night. I'm glad I didn't hear it."
  • (on how closely he followed the University of Arizona football team this past year) "I followed the U of A pretty closely. I saw that they had a pretty good year. I watched the final seconds of the bowl game this year. Obviously it didn't got the way we wanted, but they had a pretty good year and it was nice to see it."
  • (on the job Rich Rodriguez is doing with the University of Arizona football team) "He's doing good. It's great to see. It's very important to get wins and lead the team to a bowl game."
  • (on if he will be watching the halftime show with Katy Perry) "No. We'll be in the locker room preparing for the second half."
  • (on who the worst dancer on the team is) "Julian Edelman. He's the worst dancer."
  • (on who the best dancer on the team is) "Best dancer? I mean, since I'm the only one who really whips out my dance moves, I'd have to go with myself."
  • (on how his ankle is feeling heading into the Super Bowl) "My ankles are good. Last Super Bowl, every question was about my ankle. My ankle is 100-percent. It's very good. Thanks for worrying about my ankle."
  • (on if he is surprised how much coverage the Gronkowski party bus has gotten) "Yeah, definitely. It's on its way down right now. Body Armor wrapped it up in this thing. It can't get into the parking lot in Gillette because of the Body Armor sponsor, but it's all good. It's on it's way down here. I'm sure there will be some pictures with it and all that good stuff."