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Arizona vs. USC set to kick off at 7:30 PM Pacific Time

The Pac-12 just trolling Rich Rodriguez now

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

At this week's press conference, Rich Rodriguez joked that there was a conspiracy theory that the Pac-12 was waiting til he was done to announce the USC kick off time.

And, well, that came true I guess. We now know the Arizona Wildcats will face the USC Trojans at 7:30 PM PT (8:30 AZ Time) on an ESPN network.

Last week, Rodriguez railed against the Pac-12, saying that the conference was not looking out for the student-athletes by forcing Arizona to play late night road games with no open date.

This is a first-class troll job by the TV networks right here. Since it's an ESPN game, this isn't the conference making the decision, but still, with Rodriguez' sentiments fresh in everyone's mind, you can't help but notice the connection.