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Arizona vs. Washington game predicitions

Will Arizona get to six wins?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

This seems like the best chance the Arizona Wildcats have to ensuring bowl eligibility, but it is a late-night road game, and it's Halloween, and it's a defense that is much better than most defenses this team has faced.

So will they pull out a win? You can leave your score pick here, as we give our reasonings for our picks below:

Gabe Encinas: I was so close with my Wazzu prediction, going 45-42 Arizona. I think that might be the last time I pick Arizona to win a game this season. The way the team is playing, there seems to be no identity, and I can't imagine this team winning another game as of now. Washington doesn't have an offense, and they have a pretty solid defense, which matches up extremely well against us. 24-16 Washington

David Potts: We're not favorites to win this game. We're not favorites to win any game the rest of the way. And we need one more win - just one! - to sneak into some weird bowl game that would ordinarily go to a Sun Belt team or something. This is our best shot to pull that off.

I'm making this pick more with my heart than my head, but I'm going to go with Arizona 38-35. Jerrard Randallmy life is in your hands.

Jason Bartel: Since the beginning of the year, I never thought Arizona would win this game, and now that it's going to end at midnight on Halloween night? 27-17 Washington

Ryan Kelapire: Winning in Seattle is always tough and weird things happen -- remember that "pick-six" that clearly hit off the ground -- so I wouldn't feel comfortable picking Arizona to win this game, plus the Wildcats have not been good on the defensive side of the ball lately. So I'll say 31-27 Washington.