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Arizona vs. Washington: Three keys to a Wildcats victory

How can the Wildcats get bowl eligible?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Just one win is all the Arizona Wildcats need to become bowl eligible. Arguably the best chance of that happening comes this weekend, as they travel to the great Northwest to take on the Washington Huskies in Seattle.

Plenty of famous people have come from Washington, but Rainn Wilson is my favorite, so we're going to go with him for this week's Three Keys.

If you don't like The Office, too bad. Here are three Office episodes to help us explain how Arizona will pick up its sixth win of the season.

1. Performance Review

We may see a lot of new guys at certain positions this week after some struggles in recent times. The main ones are of course at center and quarterback. This is the game where Rich Rodriguez sees if he can find something that works on the defensive and offensive lines. If things work out well, like they did last year, Arizona will win this game. If the new faces struggle, Arizona loses.

2. Fun Run

It's going to be a rainy night in Seattle probably, which means Arizona will likely rely on its ground game. With Nick Wilson listed as questionable for this one, it could come down to how well Jerrard Randall and Jared Baker can run the ball. If the Wildcats can be more effective with the running game than Washington, that should bode well for Arizona.

3. Safety Training

Here's the thing about Washington. They don't do offense well. To keep it this way, Arizona's safeties will have to step up and actually make some plays. William Parks was quite defiant about the defense's performance, and guaranteed that things would be better from here on out. It starts with him, then spreads out to Jamar Allah, Tellas Jones, Anthony Lopez, and Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles. All of these guys will need to make plays in the passing game, and stepping up into the box against the running game. Driving a forklift right into the Washington backfield full of paper as it were.