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Arizona vs. Washington: Wildcats to wear all white against the Huskies on Halloween

The Wildcats will dress as ghosts for Halloween

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats' uniform combination for Saturday's game has been announced, and the Wildcats will be wearing white helmets, white jerseys, and white pants.

Since this game takes place on Halloween, it's only fair that we assume that Arizona wanted to be ghosts for the special occasion and thus, chose these uniforms.

If you are one of those people that think that the uniforms the team wears has an effect on their performance, then the scariest part of this is not that they will look like ghosts, but rather that the Wildcats are 2-5 all time when wearing all white. This is also just the second time this season that Arizona will be wearing white, and that was when they were drubbed by Stanford.

Hopefully the defense won't be as ghost-like as the uniforms.

The Washington Huskies, on the other hand, will be wearing slick, all-black uniforms.

Which team has the better Halloween costume?