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Arizona vs. Washington final score: Wildcats embarrassed by Huskies 49-3

Good night. Pleasant dreams.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

On Halloween night, the Arizona Wildcats put on a nightmare performance against the Washington Huskies. Not only did Washington come into this game with the worst offense in the Pac-12, they had a true freshman quarterback with an injured shoulder that had only thrown six TD passes all year.

He had four passing touchdowns. And rushed for one.

The defense has given up.

The offense is a hot mess.

The coaching staff looks incompetent.

Arizona scored the first three points of the game. After that? Washington scored 49 unanswered for the 49-3 final score.

Coming off of a week filled with talk about changing the quarterback and the center to possibly spark the offense, Anu Solomon and Cayman Bundage were still out there, not moving the ball down the field. Jacob Alsadek then suffered a concussion, giving Rich Rodriguez the opportunity to move Bundage to guard and let Zach Hemmila play center. That didn't happen. And Bundage was getting called for holding calls and letting his guy tackle the ball-carrier. Then you add a possible injury to Freddie Tagaloa, who was supposed to be the best lineman this year, and you have some problems up front moving forward.

Also, Solomon had to take this hard hit due to Layth Friekh joining in on the embarrassment.

You also had Jared Baker getting all the snaps at running back because Nick Wilson was left back in Tucson. Baker was incapable of getting any yardage after contact. Never in my wildest dreams did I think Wilson was this important, but we have reached that point. This offense can not do anything without Wilson at running back.

Then there was the receivers, dropping balls. Nate Phillips was not a part of this, but Cayleb Jones, and most notably, Trey Griffey on a long pass at the end of the first half, certainly were. Samajie Grant just let a backwards pass sit on the ground in the third quarter after dropping it, allowing Washington to pick it up. Rich Rodriguez yelled at him on the sideline, but Grant was hauled away by Tony Dews, possibly fearing the receiver talking back and sparking something bigger.

Oh, you thought I forgot about criticizing the defense? Jamar Allah was so bad that he was benched for Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles, who came in and missed two tackles on his first defensive drive in the second half. William Parks was incapable of covering Washington's receivers. The linebackers could not make any important stops against the Husky run game.

People are going to claim injuries, but in this game, it was just Scooby Wright III and Derrick Turituri that missed out on the defensive side of the expected starters heading into the season. The secondary was all projected starters, with the possible exception of Jace Whittaker (who actually played pretty well), but he's surpassed Cam Denson and Jarvis McCall on the depth chart. The defensive line isn't dealing with any major injuries right now. Jack Banda's out here getting called the Sack Master on TV. Paul Magloire was showing fight, even though talking trash to a team that's beating you by 40 points doesn't look great.

Special teams joined in on the fun. Nate Phillips struggled with returns, then Shun Brown called for a fair catch on the three when he got a chance to be the punt returner.

This team is uninspired and looks like they have given up, with the exception of Jerrard Randall, Paul Magloire, and a couple of other select guys. Arizona's season is crashing fast, but I don't see this as being rock bottom yet. There are still trips to USC and ASU left, with the best team in the South (Utah) coming to Tucson in between.

Buckle up for the last three weeks, and get your popcorn ready, because things may happen that you may have never thought about seeing in a football game, and they won't be good things.

This season may also come to a close a lot sooner than any of us anticipated just four weeks ago.