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Arizona football: Jerrard Randall's overshoot of Nate Phillips set the tone against Stanford

Jerrard Randall just makes you combine swear words you never thought could be said in one sentence

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jerrard Randall had a rough night, we all know that. Knowing his talent level, it's hard to imagine that the Arizona Wildcats had a chance to be competitive against the Stanford Cardinal.

But there is one play where I feel like things could have changed the tide had it been successful.

It was a 3rd-and-3 situation in the first quarter on the Arizona 30 yard line. The Wildcats were only down 6-0 at that point. Stanford brings a blitz and two Stanford defenders fly into the backfield. Jerrard Randall spins away from the defenders and had about 8 yards to run for the first down. He decides to fling it across the 50 to a wide open Nate Phillips and over shoots him.

There's two problems with that.

One, if he would have ran, it would have been an easy first down and it would have saved Arizona from a three-and-out. But more importantly, if Randall was actually accurate on his throw -- and that's asking for a lot -- Nate Phillips would have been gone and Arizona would have been up 7-6 early on in the game. That could have given Arizona some momentum, the defense some energy and more respect from the Stanford secondary, opening up the game plan for Nick Wilson.

But now we'll never know.