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Arizona vs. Washington: Wildcats players of the game

Who was the least bad?

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats stunk up the joint against the Washington Huskies, with a majority of players looking uninspired and not wanting to be there.

There were a few guys who were not as bad as the rest though, earning our Players of the Game for the beatdown handed out by UW.

Offense: Nate Phillips

Look, there's no real good options here. Arizona didn't score a touchdown. They couldn't run the ball. There were three interceptions thrown. Phillips looked good early on, getting three catches and 56 yards, including a 41-yard connection. He also had a nice catch over the middle that he paid the price for, but was brought back because of a holding call.

Jerrard Randall was also a candidate here, but I think Phillips earned it this week.

Defense: Jace Whittaker

The freshman corner actually had a pretty decent game out there. He had a couple of pass break ups, and he made a couple of athletic plays to make up for other mistakes. Maybe there's some light at the end of the tunnel here? He has come from not on the depth chart at all to starting without really any injuries paving the way for him.

Special teams: Jonathan Haden

Arizona had one nice tackle on the night, and it was made by a running back on a punt return. He didn't even get credit for it at the time though, with the Fox broadcast and the official team Twitter saying it was Jamar Allah. Well, it was Haden, and I'm giving him proper credit for that hit here, giving him Special Teams Player of the Week.