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Utah vs. Arizona game predicitions

Can the Wildcats get the upset?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Saturday is Senior Night at Arizona Stadium, and the Arizona Wildcats have one last chance to get a big-time upset in 2015.

Will they pull it off? Let us know here, as we give our thoughts below

Gabe Encinas: Because of the USC performance, I'm more optimistic about this one just by the fight the team showed. Senior night, late kickoff, Rich Rodriguez hasn't had his annual upset either, and this is their last chance, unless he just wants to save it for ASU. Rich Rodriguez has also had Utah's number since he's been here, and he's waiting for them to answer.

Utah is definitely vulnerable here, but I don't think Arizona stops their run, and their defense is going to give Anu Solomon some trouble, which might bring us Jerrard Randall.

Final Score: 37-28 Utah

David Potts: I don't think we win, but I think it'll be reasonably close. I'll take Utah 38 - 31. It's worth noting that if Arizona can jump out to an early lead (the way it did against USC), Utah will have a lot more trouble catching up than USC did. I don't believe in you, Travis Wilson.

Alec Sills-Trausch: We're starting off only 4.5 point underdogs which, when compared to last week, is very, very good. I'm going to go on the positive side and say we pull it out. We've won the last three games versus Utah including last year's blowout in horrible weather. Plus, I'm banking that U of A has hit its stride and will play more to their talent potential. Let's see how if we can have one good thing go right for us this season. (Side Note: I'll be there so if you want to say hi, you know how to reach me).

James Schlittenhart: My hope is that the fans show up for this one. Did anyone see the Nebraska/Michigan State game on Saturday? Nebraska was 3 - 6 heading into that game. MSU was ranked in the top 10. Nebraska sold out the game, as they have for every game since November 3rd, 1962. It wasn't just the quantity of people, either; the fans were absolutely on fire the entire game, even towards the end when it started to look like Nebraska was going to lose another excruciatingly close game. This is the kind of thing that separates mediocre programs from great programs. It's the kind of thing that may keep Coach Rodriguez here and bring better recruits in. Winning is obviously paramount, but support for the program in good times and bad is critical, and seems to sometimes be lacking at Arizona.

If you're in Tucson, go to the game. Show up and be loud. This is the best chance for Arizona to salvage this season.

AZ - 34
Utah - 31

Ivan Leonard: It is crazy to think that this same team blew Utah out 42-10 last season and there is an extremely pessimistic feeling about this game. Arizona has upset a ranked opponent the past few seasons which means the Wildcats are due for one, but I do not trust the defense to play that well two weeks in a row.


Ryan Kelapire: Maybe we'll get a Rich Rodriguez upset special here, but I'm not buying it. Sure, Arizona has dominated Utah recently, but that honestly doesn't matter in this game. Utah is clearly the better team, and it would take an awful lot for the Wildcats to beat them. Unless some weird turnovers or injuries happen, Utah will win 38-24.

Jason Bartel: Just a gut feeling here, but Arizona will win 34-31 on a last-second Casey Skowron field goal. Why not?