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Utah vs. Arizona: Wildcats to wear all blue uniforms against the Utes

It's a blue out.

The final home game is here for the Arizona Wildcats, and they'll mark the occasion by going with a "blue out".

If history is on Arizona's side, the Wildcats' chances pulling off the upset look decent. The Wildcats have won three straight against the Utah Utes, and are 8-4 when they wear all blue. Also, the last time they wore these uniforms -- against Nevada in September -- the team won. And as we all know, the uniforms a team wears totally has an impact on how they play.

Oh, and if you're going to the game, be sure to wear blue as well. Otherwise -- well, nothing will happen -- but you might stand out.

Aside from the "blue out", there will be other cool things happening too. The program will be honoring Bob Baffert for his Triple Crown at halftime, and all the seniors are captains for the game.

It should make for a fun Senior Night, and a win would be the cherry on top.