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Utah vs. Arizona: Three keys to a Wildcats victory

Time to be annoying about stuff

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

For me personally, this game for the Arizona Wildcats just feels like it has the makings of an upset. Senior Night, a team that's in the top-ten of the College Football Playoff rankings coming to town, a late night in Tucson.

Also, it's a blue-out, which is different, and could be fun if you're into that sort of thing.

Utah doesn't have a lot of famous alums, so I went with Roseanne Barr's filmography, as she was born in Salt Lake City.

So here you go: your extremely annoying Roseanne Barr three keys to an Arizona win over the Utah Utes.

1. Home on the Range

It's been a few weeks since Arizona played at home. The Wildcats have scored at least 30 points in every home game, and scored at least 42 in all but one home game this year. That seems good, and seems favorable for an upset bid.

2. Blue in the Face

Arizona is wearing all blue. They are 8-4 when wearing all blue. You should wear all blue if you're going to the game, or you will look funny. And I believe many people will be blue in the face holding their breath at the end of a tight game. Arizona will need to keep its composure late to pull out the W.

3. Master of the Good Name

Utah runs the ball a lot. I expect Sir Thomas Jackson to be involved on many plays because of this fact. Sir T plays well, the entire defense plays well. It's science. He's also just one of many seniors that will likely have a large impact on this game. Johnny Jackson, David Richards, Reggie Gilbert and William Parks are a few others that immediately come to mind as well.