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Utah vs. Arizona final score: Wildcats outlast Utes in double overtime 37-30

Yo what are we doing?

Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Did you pick a Jerrard Randall touchdown pass in double overtime to make the Arizona Wildcats bowl eligible?

You bet your ass you did!

Anu Solomon had been knocked out of the game with a controversial blow to the head. Randall had a hold of the reigns of the offense at the end of the game, where the Wildcats came back to tie the Utah Utes 27-27.

After forcing overtime, both teams exchanged field goals in the first overtime.

Arizona got the ball first in double overtime. From clear across the field, you could hear Rich Rodriguez screaming. They changed up the play. Randall hadn't completed a pass all night.

Then, a high-arcing toss down the left side. Nate Phillips was on the other end of it, reeling in the ball as he was going to the ground.

The Wildcat defense then allowed Travis Wilson to rush for a first down on fourth-and-nine. But three plays later, he had fourth-and-goal from the 17. Incomplete.

Cats bowl eligible. Pac-12 with no one-loss teams remaining.

Here are some other things that happened before we got to the drama:

Sorry snaps: Arizona fans have been accustomed to seeing bad snaps from Cayman Bundage, but this weekend's came at the worst possible time. The Wildcats had third-and-goal at the two-yard-line just before halftime. Next thing you know, Anu Solomon is chasing the ball back to the 25. And a field goal.

Utah turns around and scores a touchdown right after that, and then scores another touchdown right out of the locker room to start the second half. It was the most Arizona has felt a bad snap actually impact the game all year.

Snapback Saturday: It's been a long time since Cayleb Jones and Samajie Grant had productive games, but we certainly got that this weekend. It started right away, and never really let up. Jones even had an incredible 50-yard catch, where he got as many yards after catch I can remember, and was moving around the field as fast as the redshirt junior ever has.

Jones finished with 126 yards, and Grant was right there with 65 of his own. Big night for those two mainstays of the Arizona offense.

Jonesing for more: Then there was Tellas Jones, who was all over the place the entire game. It seemed like whenever the defense made a big play, Jones was right there.

Blitzing in the backfield: Arizona actually managed to get to Travis Wilson a fair amount, more than Utah was able to get to Solomon. The Wildcats ended up with seven tackles for loss and four sacks, compared to the Utes' four and zero respectively.

Decision downfalls: There were certainly a couple of questionable decisions by Solomon on the night. On multiple occasions, he could have run the ball to pick up the first down, but elected to throw it, resulting in incompletions, or on one of those throws, an interception. That particular play drew the ire of Matt Scott.

More on this game later, but let's celebrate in the streets for now. Arizona is bowl eligible!