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Arizona Bowl Projections: Five possible bowl games for the Wildcats

No one has any idea where Arizona is going.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

So one thing is clear here. No one has any idea as to where the Arizona Wildcats are going bowling. We know that they are, but the question is now where.

The usual suspects were the Cactus, Arizona, and Independence Bowl. This week, there are five bowl games projected for Arizona, all of which are located as far as possible, for the most part.

The Wildcats are still having some projections for the Arizona Bowl, and got one for the Cactus Bowl. But now, they're getting looks at the Hawaii and Cure Bowl, which are about as far as you can get for an Arizona bowl game.

Site Bowl Opponent Location Date
SB Nation Arizona Nevada Tucson, AZ December 29
CBS Sports Independence Duke Shreveport, LA December 26
Bleacher Report Cure Appalachian State Orlando, FL December 19
McMurphy (ESPN) Hawaii BYU Honolulu, HI December 24
Schlabach (ESPN) Cactus Air Force Phoenix, AZ January 2

The locations all have their pros and cons to them, but the obvious choice for Arizona might just be the Cactus Bowl. It might not be fun for the players to just go up the road, but there would be a strong Wildcat following up the I-10, in a pretty decent bowl game.

The Arizona Bowl would be sweet, but no one will really be able to watch it unless your cable provider gives you whatever obscure network picked it up. And it would be against a pretty meh MWC or WAC team, as opposed to a Big 12 team in the Cactus Bowl, or in Mark Schlabach's case, Air Force.

Going back to Shreveport wouldn't be terrible, because that trip definitely benefited the Wildcats from the recruiting stand point, as the staff has landed a handful of Louisiana boys since the trip out there two years ago. And the same goes with Florida, which would give Arizona a pretty decent presence, and a time to recruit out of arguably the best state for high school recruits that are willing to go away from home.