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Arizona vs. ASU: Wildcats to change how they call plays when playing Sun Devils

No curtains though

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

A big talking point around the Pac-12 this year has been Todd Graham's propensity to steal signs during games, and the Arizona Wildcats will make adjustments to their game plan this weekend because of it.

While teams like Oregon and Washington brought out giant sheets and stuff, Rich Rodriguez won't go quite that far.


"I've seen the purple curtains with Washington, and what color was Oregon's? White. We might go with some fashion design...get some kind of really neat design and start a new trend in college football," Rodriguez joked. "That'd be a side business to make sideline curtains."

"I don't think we'll do the curtain thing, but I understand why," coach continued. "But we will have a different plan if you will, a special plan for that reason. They're going to try to get your signals, and they probably have multiple guys assigned to try and get your signals. So we'll have different ways to communicate our plays this weekend."

It doesn't sound like it's anything new that Arizona will do this, and Rodriguez doesn't really consider it cheating either.

"It's part of the game, we've done it every year," he explained. "Anybody that's a no-huddle, signal team, you better have multiple ways to signal. But in particular, when you know that's a part of their plan, which is okay, it's part of their plan, you better make sure you have a plan too to counter that."

I for one would rather see the curtains with some sort of design on them. But hey, beggars can't be choosers.