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Territorial Cup: Two things to do in Tempe before the game

It's more than just a football game going on

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Even with the actual football game between the Arizona Wildcats and Arizona State Sun Devils kicking off fairly early in the day (1:30 PM local), there are still a couple of things to check out in Tempe ahead of the game.

Battle of the Bands (8:30 AM, Tempe High School)

Each year, the Pride of Arizona and the ASU Sun Devil Marching Band get together for a showcase and joint rehearsal prior to the Territorial Cup. This year, it'll start bright and early at Tempe High School, which is just a few minutes from Sun Devil Stadium at Broadway and Mill.

Both bands play their respective shows (UA's show this year was Dave Matthews Band), and then have a joint rehearsal to prepare for the halftime performance. It's a cool event, and one that may get overlooked by most fans of both schools.

For more details, check out the event page for it on Facebook.

Pregame Party (10:30 AM, Macayo's Depot Cantina)

After checking out the bands, head to the official Arizona pregame party at Macayo's Depot Cantina, which is just off Mill at Ash and 3rd. St. The festivities are free for everyone, and begin at 10:30 AM. The Pride of Arizona will be there at 11:15, and Greg Byrne will address the crowd at 11:30.

It's walking distance to Sun Devil Stadium, so there's no reason to not head over there before the game to hang out with all the other Wildcat fans.