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Arizona vs. ASU: The Wildcats' chrome red helmets return against the Sun Devils

The chrome helmets are back!

They're back! The Arizona Wildcats will wear the chrome red helmets against the Arizona State Sun Devils in the battle for the Territorial Cup.

The last time we saw the chrome helmets was when the Wildcats were drubbed by the UCLA Bruins. You know, the same weekend the school hosted College GameDay. After how poorly that game played out, I thought that perhaps these helmets would no longer be used, but nope, here they are.

And here's what the Wildcats will be wearing to go along with them:

While the team is obviously 0-1 while wearing the chrome helmets, they have never lost a game when wearing a red helmet, white jersey, and white pants (okay, it's a one-game sample size, but still, be optimistic!).

ASU will be wearing whatever these are:

Arizona's uniforms aren't great, but at least they're wearing school colors. And what does "be the hammer" even mean?