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ASU fan destroys Arizona band equipment

Just a Sun Devil being a Sun Devil


During the Arizona/ASU game on Saturday, a Sun Devil fan certainly lived down to expectations, as this happened:

bass drum

The Arizona and ASU bands always perform a joint halftime show at Territorial Cup Games, and as the Pride of Arizona was coming off the field, an ASU fan felt the need to destroy an expensive piece of equipment by slashing apart one of the heads on the biggest bass drum.

When I went to school at Arizona from 2007-2011, I marched bass drum in the POA all four years, including marching this sixth bass drum my freshman year. In 2007, we all had kitty litter dumped on us while we were coming off the buses before that game. We also had trash and cans (some empty, some not) thrown at us as we were coming off the field after that year's halftime performance.

In 2009, it was more of the same. Arizona won that game too, which made the postgame experience a little more difficult than it was in 2007.

But my worst run-in with ASU fans came at the 2013 Holiday Bowl, when they lost to Texas Tech. I was there with Ironwood Ridge High School, where I teach drumline. We were part of the Holiday Bowl festivities, including performing at halftime of the game. As a Tucson school, there were some of us openly rooting for Texas Tech. The ASU fans behind us than deemed it appropriate to spill beer all over our HIGH SCHOOL kids, who had their instruments with them because we were performing at halftime. They were also constantly throwing their food and trash at us throughout the game, until they all left early, because ASU stunk it up on the field that night, as well as off.

I understand that this happens on both sides, trust me. I've seen Arizona fans behave inappropriately a ton of times during these eight years I've lived in Tucson. But in what world does someone find it appropriate to totally destroy an expensive piece of BAND equipment? What did they ever do to you? Sit up in the top corner of your stadium and play Bear Down? Oh, how awful.

Show some respect for people everyone. This is ridiculous.

This past Saturday at the UA - ASU game there was an incident with a fan that resulted in a broken drum head. We would...

Posted by The Pride of Arizona on Monday, November 23, 2015