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Arizona vs. USC game predictions

Can Arizona pull the road upset?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Wildcats have struggled against the USC Trojans over the course of everyone's lifetime. Arizona is just 8-30 against the Trojans all-time, and are 4-17 in Los Angeles.

So is this the game that UA uses to get to six wins on the season? Let us know what you think here, as we give our picks below:

Gabe Encinas: This one will not be pretty. USC probably has the most talented roster from top to bottom, and they will expose Arizona in every way. 48-13 USC.

Then the injury report came out, and it had Freddie Tagaloa, Jacob Alsadek and Nick Wilson all out. I'm changing my prediction to 55-7.

Alec Sills-Trausch: *insert gladiator/coliseum reference* Wouldn't surprise me if UofA lost by 50. Also wouldn't surprise me if this game comes down to the last minute. That's about the confidence level I have in Arizona (and somewhat in USC) because both in theory have potential, but sometimes decide this isn't the day to show it.

David PottsI'm clearly an idiot, so don't listen to what I say. That said - USC 38, Arizona 21. I don't think the offense is as bad as it looked last week, but we're probably going to lose and probably going to lose by quite a bit.

James Schlittenhart: USC has won a few games in a row and are starting to make a bit of noise in the South. That means it's about time for them to inexplicably and mind-numbingly lose a game they should roll in. If it was any other team but Arizona, who I have zero confidence in on the defensive side of the ball against the USC rushing game, I'd say USC loses. Unfortunately, Arizona has nothing left in the tank at this point in the season. USC 38, AZ 23.

Ivan Leonard: After watching JuJu Smith-Schuster falcon punch the then-third ranked team in the nation, just imagine how much damage he will do to our defense if he plays. The first quarter will be competitive, then our offense will string together some three-and-outs and Kessler will torch our dumpster fire of a defense. Although USC is prone to blowing the weirdest games at the weirdest times, I do not think they slip up this week. USC 48-, AZ 20

Ryan Kelapire: I don't think this game will be close at all. This team hasn't played well on the road all season (aside from the Nevada game) and USC is by far more talented than Arizona. Not to mention the game is in Los Angeles and it's the schools' Homecoming weekend. I predict a 42-17 USC win.

Jason Bartel: I am not bold enough to be the voice of dissent here. USC is too good up front for Arizona to have a realistic chance of pulling out the win. I'll go 34-17 Trojans