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Arizona vs. USC: Three Keys to a Wildcats victory

How to do the impossible

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

While it doesn't seem likely to anyone that the Arizona Wildcats will be able to take down the USC Trojans on Saturday, it's college football, and #Pac12AfterDark, so anything could happen.

You know, like Will Ferrell movies.


Here's this week's 'Three Keys' to an Arizona win, using the famous USC fan's filmography as our theme.

1. Elf

This, is, essentially needing a Christmas miracle. Just being real here.

2. Step Brothers

Since USC fans seem to think using Jerrard Randall is the best way for Arizona to win, I'm going to believe it. But for Randall to be successful, he also needs to feed off of Anu Solomon. With no Nick Wilson and no starting offensive guards available this week, Arizona will only win this game if BOTH quarterbacks are effective. One can't stink, then the other one comes in. They'll need to play off each other, and, did they just become best friends?

3. Everything Must Go

The Arizona defense must take risks by sending safety blitzes at Cody Kessler on a regular basis. If the defense is sitting back like it always does, Kessler and the stable of USC running backs are going to tear the Wildcats apart. Blitz, blitz, and blitz some more please.