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Arizona vs. USC: Wildcats to wear blue helmets, white jerseys, and blue pants against the Trojans

It'll be a rather traditional look for the Wildcats on Saturday

There isn't much to be optimistic about regarding Arizona Wildcats football, but at least this week they'll look sharp while on the field. The team will be wearing blue helmets, white jerseys, and blue pants agains the USC Trojans.

The Wildcats have worn this uniform combination in 16 different occasions, and they have a record of 7-9 in those games. It may be hard to believe, but this combination hasn't been used since 2013 when Arizona traveled to Las Vegas to take on UNLV. They won that game, so maybe they'll win this game?

Maybe not, but I do think this is one of the Wildcats' better uniform combinations. The gradient design isn't my favorite, but I feel as though it actually works with the blue helmet and blue pants.

Nonetheless, it's been hinted at that the Wildcats will have new uniforms next year, so if you don't like the gradient you probably won't have to deal with them for much longer.