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Arizona football roundtable: What to expect from Scooby Wright, and New Mexico Bowl trick plays

Will Scooby make an impact?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It seems odd to expect someone who hasn't played in a football game in three months to just come back and be exceptional.

That seems to be the place we find ourselves in with Scooby Wright III and the Arizona Wildcats heading into the New Mexico Bowl.

So what are realistic expectations for him? We discuss that, and hopeful fun from the offense:

1. What do you expect to see from Scooby Wright?

Gabe Encinas: He's still probably not 100% healthy, but I'd expect him to go all out on every play in his last game as an Arizona Wildcat. Coach Rodriguez said that Scooby isn't quite in game shape, but I don't think that will stop Scooby from making plays. I don't think he'll rack up an insane amount of tackles, but I kind of have a feeling that he will have a "welcome back" moment, where he just levels somebody on the option call, hopefully forcing a fumble.

Ryan Kelapire: I really have no idea what to expect, to be honest. It wouldn't be surprising if we see him play close to his usual level, but at the same time, it wouldn't be surprising to see the player that was on the field against UCLA. We'll probably get something in between, but it sure would be nice to see vintage Scooby in his (likely) last game as a Wildcat.

David Potts: I expect he'll be the best linebacker on the field. Scooby was the best defensive player in the country last season, and even if he's not 100% for this game, he'll make a couple key tackles for loss and disrupt New Mexico's attempts at running the triple option.

Jason Bartel: Forced fumble. That's all I'm expecting. I have no idea how well he'll be able to move and keep up against the Lobo offense. But a forced fumble is coming, hopefully leading to a scoop-and-score for Reggie Gilbert.

2. If you were to draw up a trick play for this one, what would it look like?

GE: I really want Jerrard Randall to come in lined up as a receiver and come around for a reverse pass and lob it deep for Samajie Grant.

Aside from Jerrard Randall, I can't imagine there being a whole lot of options, although there's always room for a special teams play, especially with both Casey Skowron and Drew Riggleman going out in their final game.

RK: I would have Randall lineup at receiver and have Anu Solomon throw a bubble screen (as a lateral) to him, and then have Randall heave it deep to a receiver down the field.

DP: I think Gabe and Ryan are right that the go-to trick play has to involve Randall throwing the ball downfield, but I think that the guy who catches that pass is Anu Solomon. I'm thinking Randall lines up in the backfield, receives the hand-off, and throws it to Anu running a wheel route. Troy Smith and Joe Flacco ran something similar a few years ago for the Baltimore Ravens. We've seen Solomon catch a pass before (kind of), and he's due for another one.

JB: These are all great, but all I really want is a fake extra point, with Skowron finding an offensive lineman in the endzone for the two-point conversion. Possible Piesman points for next year?

3. Favorite Los Lobos song?

GE: La Bamba!!

JB: Se necesita una poca de gracia arriba arriba