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New Mexico Bowl: Three keys to a Wildcats victory over the Lobos

How can Arizona finish the season above .500?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It's the fourth-straight year that the Arizona Wildcats have made a bowl game (first time in school history), but that doesn't guarantee them a winning record.

Arizona will have to come out of Albquerque with a win over the hometown New Mexico Lobos to get to that seven-win mark. So how will they do it?

We've been using famous people from that city for our three keys this year. With the Cats heading to Albuquerque, I'm going to use Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson as our actor this week.

Here's a very Modern way of explaining how to bring a win back to the Family this holiday season.

1. What's the plan Phil?

You guys all know Phil, (W)right? That guy who was really good at defense last year for Arizona, and then didn't play at all this year basically? Well, Scooby Wright III is back, and according to him, will be playing the entire game after not seeing the field since the UCLA game. His presence against a run-heavy team like New Mexico will have infinite importance for the Wildcat defense, as it looks to disguise itself, yet have the ability to hold on to their assignments each and every play. Scooby is a coach on the field, something that Arizona was lacking this year. His football knowledge will be the most important attribute of his game Saturday. Although his ability to get to the ball is pretty important too.

2. Career day

One fun thing that Rich Rodriguez has guaranteed this week is that Jerrard Randall is going to play wide receiver. This is kind of Randall's audition for the next level, as he'll likely be looked at as a wide receiver, corner, or return guy by NFL scouts. We got one drive of this against NAU, but then never saw it again thanks to the injuries to Anu Solomon, and Randall's ability to come in as a closer, not a starter, at quarterback. Randall could catch every Lobo defensive back off-guard with his speed and have a ridiculous debut at the position in his final collegiate game.

3. The one that got away

For Arizona to be successful at all, there needs to be no snaps that get away from Solomon or Brandon Dawkins by Cayman Bundage. This is also Bundage's last game as a Wildcat, so I'm sure it's weighing on his mind that he needs to have a flawless send off. But, as crazy or simple as it sounds, all the snaps need to be good for the Wildcats to win.