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Things that should make a comeback in 2016 before Jeff Casteel's defense

Should the old 3-3-5 acquaintance be forgot? Yes. Yes it should.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats football team ended the year on a high note, winning the Gildan New Mexico Bowl by a score of 45-37. The offense looked good, the special teams respectable.

The defense was, yet again, a trainwreck. The triple option attack of New Mexico looked absolutely lethal. Arizona had little-to-no answer on the edge, and also succumbed to big plays through the air against an offense that does not throw the ball well.

But that's just one game. We're looking at the bigger picture.

Given the history of questionable defenses over the tenure of Rich Rodriguez, it would seem that now is the time to move in a new direction across the board on that side of the ball. In the wake of a disastrously bad performance in 2015, Arizona has already parted ways with one defensive coach shortly after the bowl win. Many fans (including myself) hope that this is not the end of the changes made. Whether it's personnel, scheme, or how players are utilized, something has to change if Arizona plans to be competitive in the coming years.

In light of this, I've taken the opportunity to compile a list of the things that I'd rather see make a comeback in 2016 instead of Jeff Casteel's 3-3-5 defense. To wit:

1. Copper helmets

2. Hayden Christensen as a main character in a Star Wars film

3. Brett Favre

4. Giga Pets

5. Chia Pets

6. Ghia Pets

7. "Friday" by Rebecca Black

8. Red chrome helmets

9. Astroturf

10. Kristen Stewart

11. These Maryland football uniforms

12. Tim Tebow

13. Jay Leno on The Tonight Show

14. H1N1

15. A shot-for-shot remake of Lost where none of the plot holes or major flaws are filled in or fixed

16. Pimp My Ride

17. The phrase, "Talk to the hand"

18. Either a Clinton or a Bush in the White House

19. Scurvy

20. Wallet chains

21. Jeans, overly-large tennis shoes, and a suit jacket/tie

22. Rudy Carpenter

23. Frosted tips

24. Livestrong bracelets

25. Creed (the band, not the boxer)

26. Creed (the boxer, not the band)

27. Pogs

28. The XFL

29. Diss tracks

My non-comprehensive list only contains 29 things I'd rather see make a comeback over the 3-3-5 defense, but there are 465 reasons this defense was terrible this year, and those reasons point to a need for a new direction. In the meantime, I encourage your additions to this list.

Happy new year, AZDS.