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Arizona football: Top moments of the 2015 season

Not the prettiest season for Arizona, but still filled with some great moments from start to finish

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Of Rich Rodriguez' four years with the Arizona Wildcats, this was surely the most disappointing of them, especially considering the success he found immediately. But throughout the year, there were still some memorable moments. Here are my top five moments of the season, stemming all the way from this summer.

Arizona takes down No. 10 Utah in double overtime

Arizona's sixth win of the season, granting them bowl eligibility, came at the hands of the 10th-ranked Utah Utes. The upset kept Rich Rodriguez' streak alive for beating top 10 opponents each of the last four years, including No. 9 USC, No. 5 Oregon, and No. 2 Oregon.

After taking a controversial blow to the head, Anu Solomon was taken out of the game, and in came Jerrard Randall in the 4th quarter. He led the team through double overtime, and had the game-winning touchdown pass to Nate Phillips.

Also a weird coincidence, as those who are seniors at the university, such as myself, the first game of undergrad ended in an overtime win vs. Toledo, and the last game resulted in an overtime win.

Rich Rod declines South Carolina

Rich Rodriguez' name is constantly coming up in the coaching carousel, due to his success at turning around a program such as Arizona. The conversations with South Carolina started heating up, and many believed that Rich Rodriguez was a goner. Heck, some were adamant that he had other coaching positions in his head during the season, which some thought was the reason for the throttling by Washington.

Rumors were swirling, with claims that South Carolina already agreed with Will Muschamp, or the longer the situation dragged on the worse it was for Arizona, and so on. But late on December 6th, Greg Byrne shut it down with one tweet.

Rich Rodriguez even tweeted, too.

And this is probably how the announcement conversation went.

Will Parks lays down the wood

Amidst the pounding of the Oregon State Beavers, William Parks came through with quite possibly the best hit in college football for 2015. Jordan Villamin was coming across the middle, and that boy Will Parks had a shoulder waiting for him.

At least Villamin was a good sport about it.

Rich Rod hangs out with the gymnastics team, does Nae Nae

Rich Rodriguez has been in quite a few popular videos during his time at Arizona, but none more popular than him hitting the Nae Nae. He was joined by the Arizona Gym Cats, as well as safeties Paul Magloire and Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles. This was just pure gold.

Will Parks shares a special moment with referee prior to overtime vs. Utah

During the overtime coin flip, Will Parks and the referee had a moment. Very awkward, yet very tender moment between the two.


There were a few other great moments for this team, so here's an honorable mention list. If I left one out, feel free to share in comment section below.

Casey Skowron runs French flag out of the tunnel.

Scooby Wright III's return for the New Mexico Bowl, earning him the honor MVP of the game.

Hosting College GameDay vs. No. 9 UCLA

Rich Rodriguez cancels fall camp practice

Rich Rodrigez drives a Ferrari, swings from rope, and shows off that Pac-12 South ring in his James Bond 'Licence to Thrill' video