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Arizona football: Scooby Wright says he came back to soon from knee injury

But we should see him one last time in New Mexico

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As college football awards season descends upon us, last year's Scooby Wright III national tour comes back to the forefront of our memories.

A year later, the Arizona Wildcats and their fans are hoping to see Wright last an entire game without getting injured as they prepare for next Saturday's New Mexico Bowl.

"Scooby's practicing full," Rich Rodriguez said on Monday. "He's been working hard in rehab for two months now. He's worked hard up to this point and playing actual football and getting actual reps today was good for him. I'm sure he's happy to be in the mix."

Monday was the first time Wright had been a full participant in practice since the September matchup against the UCLA Bruins.

"It was the first time I was in a helmet and cleats doing stuff and running around," Wright said afterwards.

Wright injured his foot in that UCLA game after suffering a knee injury in the opener against the Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners. And he admitted that he came back to soon from that knee injury.

"I definitely should have waited a little bit, but that was me kind of being stubborn," he said. "I wanted to play in a big football game and stuff. But in the long run, looking back on it, there's nothing I can do about it. I made a decision, went with it. All the coaches and trainers asked me if I was good to go, and I may not have been as truthful as I could have been, but that's on me."

That decision led to two more months of rehab and not being able to take the field, but it's paid off for him in other ways.

"In the morning I would go rehab my foot and stuff," Wright explained. "Then during practice I would go work out and do a lot of boxing and upper body stuff. This is the strongest I've been. I lost some weight, so now I"m about 245 (pounds). I'm feeling good. Just gotta get my cardio up a little bit and then we'll be good."

So now he has a little less than two weeks to get that cardio up and prepare for the triple-option offense that the New Mexico Lobos will bring to the table.

"It's definitely going to be fun," Wright said of playing the triple-option. "You gotta play assignment football. It'll be a good task for us."

And it'll be a good way to possibly showcase his talents one last time at the college level.