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Arizona football roundtable: On the Wildcats' quarterback situation

A little different situation at quarterback than what we're used to

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

In the past few years, the Arizona Wildcats' Spring Game has been a chance for fans to see the various options at quarterback.

But this year is different. Anu Solomon has solidified himself as the top option this Spring, meaning that we can focus on some other positions this time around!

So while we may not be watching the quarterback as much as in years' past, here's our thoughts on what that means for the team moving forward:

Gabe Encinas: It's good and bad. Good to know that the chemistry will be there with Anu and his deep group of receivers. Bad because there are 12 straight games this season and Anu is prone to injury. With Dawkins and Randall not quite at the level we expected, it's scary to think about an extended period of time without Solomon. There shouldn't be so much of a concern for competition to push Anu, because he has enough motivation to get better as seen in his last two starts in an Arizona jersey. He'll be without Austin Hill and DaVonte' Neal this season, but he'll have guys like Jonathan Haden and Tyrell Johnson with a better understanding of the offense on top of the dangerous depth with Cayleb Jones, David Richards, Trey Griffey, Samajie Grant and Nate Phillips.

David Potts: It's a relief. More than anything, it gives me hope that Anu will continue to develop and potentially become a four-year starter. If he can play as well as he did the first half of last season, Arizona will be able to make some noise in the Pac-12 South.

Steven Rodriquez: This is what every successful program needs, stability at the quarterback position. This leaves no room to question who is the leader and accountable for Arizona's offense. The consistency, more importantly, can generate trust from the players towards the system in place. Knowing that Anu is a seasoned veteran and how much he improved throughout last season, I can only imagine how a full off-season will improve his game and confidence.