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College Football coach rankings: CBS tabs Rich Rodriguez the 23rd-best coach in Power Five Conferences

Should RichRod be higher? Lower?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

We always need college football things to debate, so CBS Sports ranked every head coach in the Power Five Conferences.

The Arizona Wildcats' head man Rich Rodriguez checks in at 23rd, with this reasoning:

Had things gone better at Michigan, Rodriguez would be ranked a lot higher. Still, the job he did at West Virginia and what he's doing right now at Arizona are enough to warrant finishing this high. We can only wonder if he'll try his hand at another "blue blood" should the chance come along.

There's a lot going on in those three sentences. I think Brady Hoke's lack of success at Michigan following RichRod showed that it was not coach's fault that the Wolverines didn't live up to expectations while he was there. Something else bigger and above Rodriguez was the reasoning there.

Also, let's hope that there's not another "blue blood" program on the horizon, unless you mean Arizona, since they did win the Pac-12 South last year; arguably the best division in all of college football.

There are just three Pac-12 coaches ranked above RichRod in CBS' post, and all of them reside in the North Division. David Shaw (20th), Mark Helfrich (14th) and Chris Petersen (12th) are all up there. Helfrich certainly has the most to prove of these coaches, as he'll wander into the post-Marcus Mariota era this season.

The next-highest Pac-12 South coach is Todd Graham, who is 29th. Utah's Kyle Whittingham is right behind in 30th. Jim Mora (34), Steve Sarkisian (40) and Mike MacIntyre (61) round out the division.

So what do you think of CBS' rankings? Did they get it right that RichRod is the best head coach in the Pac-12 South and the 23rd-best in the country?