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Arizona football: No Wildcats listed in's seven-round mock draft

Is Arizona going to go without a player drafted in this year's NFL Draft?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports put out a seven-round mock draft ahead of this week's NFL Draft, and they have no Arizona Wildcats being selected by any of the 32 NFL teams.

When you get to the undrafted players tab, you'll find a former Wildcat in wide receiver Austin Hill.

The former Arizona star was the only guy who impressed scouts at Arizona's pro day, but it seems that probably was not enough to get Hill drafted this year.

When you get down to it, it's probably better for a player to go undrafted rather than going in the sixth or seventh round. If Hill, along with guys like Mickey Baucus, Steven Gurrola, and possibly a couple of others, go undrafted, they can then hand-select which team they go to, and what could be the best fit for them.

Hill has shown that he has versatility at wide receiver that not a lot of other guys can offer. After putting up 1,364 yards and 11 TDs in 2012, Hill returned to the field in 2014 after missing 2013 while recovering from a torn ACL. In his senior season, Hill learned to play a tight end role in the Rich Rodriguez offense, offering a big body closer to the line than where he lined up in 2012. That resulted in a less productive year, totaling 635 yards on 49 catches, but as Hill put it, he learned so much more about the game of football by taking on that role.

That could help him find a roster spot on an NFL team, and if he goes undrafted, it feels like he would have a better chance of making a roster than if he goes in the late rounds.