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Arizona Spring Game preview: Players to keep an eye on

What specific players are we keeping an eye on Friday night?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Spring Game is that one chance before Fall for Arizona Wildcats fans to see some of the new faces on the team, and how some of the old faces have changed.

So which players are we going to be keeping an eye on? Well.....

Gabe Encinas: I'm very interested in watching Paul Magloire mesh with the secondary. He's the immediate impact player of this recruiting class and should be able to put himself in position to make plays on the ball. He's a mix between Jared Tevis and Tra'Mayne Bondurant with his big hitting ability and urge to attack the ball. His skill set is very unique, which could allow Magloire to be a huge nightmare for Pac-12 quarterbacks this season. William Parks has said nothing but great things about Magloire this spring, which is huge coming from the senior leader in the secondary.

David Potts: DaVonte' Neal. Lest we forget, Neal was a five-star recruit who came into college with a lot of talent and a lot of hype. While he has contributed, he hasn't (to this point) lived up to that hype. I'm hoping that a positional change will reinvigorate him and help a secondary that needs some assistance.

Steven Rodriquez: I'm excited to finally watch Anthony Fotu. Anthony dominated the trenches during his tenure at Laney Community College, creating mismatches along the defensive line with his versatility. Fotu has an explosive first step while displaying a knack of disrupting opposing offenses. With such high hopes for this upcoming season, it will be vital to see how well he matches up against Division 1 linemen compared to inferior community college linemen. If the defensive line wishes to improve from last year, Anthony Fotu performance will be largely why.

Jason Bartel: While all of these guys went with a defensive player, I'm going to go offense, and go with Jared Baker. Why Jared Baker? Well, Nick Wilson won't be getting reps, and if last year is any indication, Wilson's likely to get hurt at some point in 2015. Arizona will need a backup running back that can get it done, and if last year's game against USC is showed us anything, Baker definitely has the talent level. Will the extra reps he got this Spring payoff and develop a quality second option behind Wilson?