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Arizona Spring Game roundtable: Which position group is most intriguing?

Which depth chart rotations are we interested in?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

With the Arizona Wildcats spring game coming up on Friday, we're taking a look at some things to keep an eye on.

Earlier, we talked about specific players that are catching our eye. Now let's take position groups as a whole, and how those depth charts have worked themselves out this Spring.

Gabe Encinas: Defensive line and who comes up in the rotation. Reggie Gilbert, Jeff Worthy and Anthony Fotu are likely to start up front with Parker Zellers in the mix. I'll be watching to see how Marcus Griffin has progressed in year two. Shariff Williams is also someone who could come in early. Rich Rodriguez really likes his size, just wants him to get in better shape as he has been recovering from knee surgery. Arizona's defensive line wasn't spectacular last year, but did play much better than expected. Hopefully more good is to come with Reggie Gilbert leading the way and guys with more experience under their belt.

David Potts: The defensive backs. After losing Jared Tevis, Tra'Mayne Bondurant, Jonathan McKnight, and Jourdan Grandon, Arizona reloaded, but we have yet to see how those players will actually fit. Friday is our first look at that.

Steven Rodriquez: I'm going to stick with the defensive line. This group was no doubt the Achilles heel for Arizona during last season. The inconsistent pass-rush and inability to stop the run created an emphasis on improving through recruitment and competition. RichRod and his coaching staff were able to add size and speed in the past recruiting class, a combination they did not have this past year. The depth of the defensive line is night and day compared to last year. That will allow players to stay fresh with a deeper rotation. And with the leadership and experience of 5th year senior Reggie Gilbert and the addition of Anthony Fotu, Arizona's biggest weakness in 2014 could be their best asset in 2015.

Jason Bartel: Offensive line for me. Specifically, who has the upper-hand at center. The other four positions seem fairly locked down right now, but who's actually going to be getting Anu Solomon the ball is definitely still up in the air.