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Arizona transfer targets Matt Hegarty and Blake Countess commit elsewhere

Two potential huge pieces are not coming to Tucson after all

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Arizona Wildcats were on the trail of two grad transfers that would have made a huge impact in the 2015 season, but both of those players have decided to play their final college seasons at other schools.

Former Notre Dame center Matt Hegartywho was on campus during spring practice, has decided to go to Oregon per 247Sports' Justin Hopkins.

Hegarty would have been a valuable addition, given that center is the one question mark on the offensive line heading into this season. Right now, it's a battle between Carter Wood, Zach Hemmila and David Catalano. Having a proven commodity like Hegarty would have been enormous for the offense.

The other guy who has spurned the Wildcats is Michigan corner Blake Countesswho was on campus a week ago, has decided to go to Auburn. Countess was a former RichRod recruit at Michigan, but never actually played for Rodriguez. Arizona could have used some more help at corner, with Cam Denson likely stepping up and being the primary corner, with guys like Jarvis McCall, DaVonte' Neal and Devin Holiday getting reps in there as well.

Both misses are very unfortunate, as they would have just helped the Wildcats that much more heading into a season with so much promise.