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Austin Hill waived by the Oakland Raiders

The wideout will have to look elsewhere to pursue his NFL dream

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Despite signing with the Oakland Raiders roughly two weeks ago, Austin Hill was waived by the team on Wednesday.

Hill's knee must be a major concern for NFL teams, as the Raiders are already the third team to pass on him. He was originally slated to sign with the Seattle Seahawks, but the deal was shot down after Hill failed his physical.

Just a few days after the deal with Seattle fell through, he signed with the Raiders. In between, he went to New York Jets rookie mini camp. Obviously though, the team has already decided to go in another direction.

Hill was once a promising prospect after nearly racking up 1,400 receiving yards in his sophomore season. However, after tearing his ACL before his junior year, he's unfortunately never been able to return to his previous form.

I'm sure Hill will get at least another look or two from an NFL team, but if these last few weeks are any indication of where he's at health-wise right now, his chances of making an NFL roster look pretty bleak.