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Arizona football: Will Parks talks boxing, needs a nickname

This is your next star of the Arizona team

Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Last season, William Parks made a name for himself on the field, and he's starting to become a star off of it thanks to his beaming personality.

That's never been more evident than in these videos he did with Campus Insiders, where he talks about his off-season workouts, and the goals he has set for himself heading into his senior season.

One of his summer workouts is boxing, and I would imagine Will Parks is a pretty good boxer. But how good?

Well, he's prepared to step in the ring with Floyd Mayweather:

As a rising star in the college game, Parks is going to need an awesome nickname. He's already got a few, including "Philly Parks", but Shae Peppler has a couple of other suggestions.

What nickname do you like the best, or do you have any better suggestions?

This is just the beginning of Parks being promoted heavily this season by the football staff. Let's just hope that it turns some serious on-field success for not only him, but the rest of the secondary.