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Arizona football countdown: 49 days, Casey Skowron's 49 yard field goal kicked off successful 2014

Watching Skowron's longest career field goal

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

That first game of 2014 was really something. Anu Solomon was out there setting records on offense in his first career start. The receivers lived up to all the hype. The running game showed that it was going to be fine in the post-Ka'Deem era.

But another Wildcat made his debut, and that was kicker Casey Skowron. Of course, kicker is a much-maligned position at the University of Arizona, but Skowron put a lot of those doubts to bed right out of the gate.

Yes, Arizona won that game 58-13, so it's not like there was any pressure on him, but he did connect on what is still the longest field goal of his Arizona career, a 49-yarder, which is why it's here, 49 days out from 2015's first game.

That kick probably led to more confidence in the next game, one that you could argue Arizona would have lost if not for Skowron's leg.

It's kind of nice going into this year knowing that there really isn't any questions surrounding the kicking game. Arizona has what could be one of the best kicker/punter combos in the conference, and with Drew Riggleman holding field goals again, hopefully Skowron will get a crack at a 50+ yarder off of Riggleman's finger.