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Arizona football countdown: 43 days, the ranking of Rich Rod's incoming recruiting class

The 2015 recruiting class checks in at No. 43 in the nation

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Rich Rodriguez has been finding success on the field without the help of the highly-touted recruits that often look over Arizona. This 2015 recruiting class, finished off ranked No. 43 in the nation according to 247Sports.

This is a pretty exciting incoming class that Arizona brings in, with quite a few immediate impact players throughout.

Possibly the biggest get for Arizona was Paul Magloire, a 6-2 215lb safety out of Arizona Western College. He's already breaking records at Arizona and hasn't played a down. He's expected to take in a lot of reps and help Tellas Jones out at the bandit position. He has natural instincts, swarming to the ball to deliver the big hit, as seen in the spring game, where he led the team in tackles. It won't take long for Arizona fans to notice him on the field.

Devon Brewer was an early enrollee for the Wildcats who turned the heads of the coaching staff all spring. He's playing a bit of free safety and should be able to learn quite a bit from William Parks. He'll definitely get some reps this season to help fill in the holes of the secondary. After losing Jonathan McKnight, Tra'Mayne Bondurant and Jared Tevis in the secondary, Brewer will be a great addition who will have to develop to lead the next group of safeties.

Rich Rodriguez is trying to implement tight ends into the offense and will have four big tight ends in this incoming class. He had one enroll early in Matt Morin, a big 6-2 215lb lefty. Rodriguez hinted at some creativity with his bunch of quarterbacks, reminding us that Matt Morin played quarterback at SDSU before coming to Arizona.

The lone linebacker of the class, Kendall Franklin, definitely has a lot of upside in my eyes. One, because he's the lone linebacker of the class and it's a position of need for Arizona, currently. But also because there's just something about him that gives me a good feeling about his development.

Arizona is also going to be getting a huge boost from Timmy Hamilton and Anthony Fotu, two huge JuCo transfer defensive ends that could make a difference this year. Both are 6-4, with Hamilton weighing in at 250lbs and Fotu at 285lbs. There will be good size to plug up the middle and hopefully bring pressure on the quarterback.

Keenan Walker, the lone 4-star of the recruiting class, suffered an ACL injury in the spring and has been going through physical therapy to heal. He will be grey shirted this season so that he can join the team next fall, which will allow him to keep four years of eligibility. The 6-6 280lb offensive tackle will be a welcome addition, opposite of Freddie Tagaloa in 2016.

This is a pretty versatile recruiting class, with a lot of playmaking guys found throughout. Depth will be the key to Arizona's success this season, playing in 12 straight games, so it wouldn't be surprising to see a decent amount of true freshmen out there on the field. Here's a break down of the incoming 2015 class by position. There might be one change here, as Shun Brown might be switching from corner to running back.

Defensive Back 8
Offensive Line 5
Tight End 4
Defensive Line 3
Wide Receiver 2
Running Back 2
Linebacker 1