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Ten ways Arizona should honor Bob Baffert and American Pharoah

Puttin some giddy up into the Utah game

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When Arizona alum Bob Baffert and the horse he trains, American Pharoah, won the Triple Crown, people immediately started wondering if the university would honor Baffert in some way this year.

Greg Byrne answered that with a resounding yes.

Now, there's no details yet on how Arizona will honor Bob Baffert, so I decided to brainstorm some ways.

1. Have RichRod ride American Pharoah for Wildcat Walk

For real, this has to happen. Who wouldn't show up for this?

2. American Pharoah leads the team out of the locker room

The only thing I'm worried about here is that a horse would be running straight at where they set off the fireworks. But if there's any horse with the mental fortitude to pull this off, it's AP

3. During pregame show, Bob Baffert rides American Pharoah out holding the Block A flag

People would go nuts

4. Victor Espinoza does the coin toss

It can't go any worse than this:

5. American Pharoah runs out and grabs the kicking tee after each kickoff

This is inspired by New Mexico State's tee-grabbing dog

6. After each touchdown, Baffert and AP run the sidelines with a flag like the cheerleaders

7. Arizona must score the Triple Crown of touchdowns that day

At least one offensive TD, one defensive TD, and one special teams TD

8. At halftime, the players must eat oats out of a trough

9. Also at halftime, American Pharoah races Tyrell Johnson

10. The endzones are painted like the jockey silks

What's your favorite? Or do you have another way Arizona needs to honor the Triple Crown winner? Let us know!